Staying Safe
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Doing it tough

Signs of stress and how to cope

Staying Safe
Staying Safe

Staying Safe

Doing it tough?

We all have different ways of dealing with stress and tough times. While drinking too much or taking drugs might seem to help in the short term, they don't deal with what’s really going on. And sometimes using drugs or alcohol to relieve stress can make things worse, or create new problems.

 Staying Safe

Unhealthy coping strategies

Signs that you or a mate might be doing it tough:

Too much and too often

Booze, drugs, sleep, food, gambling, gaming

Anger and aggression

Becoming withdrawn


Staying Safe
Staying Safe

How can I feel better?

  • Connect - hang out with people who make you feel good
  • Exercise - run, walk, box, ride, go to the gym
  • Get creative - music, draw, paint, Lego
  • Learn something new - music, online courses
  • Listen to podcasts - a quick google of what you're interested in will give lists of popular content
  • Listen to music - playlist the songs, artists and albums which help get you through
  • Distract yourself - clean your car, game, netflix, kick the footy or go to the gym, get out in nature
  • Help out - volunteer, lend a hand, or get involved in community – does the local bball/football/netball/cricket club need coaches?
  • Talk it out - with a mate, your family or someone you care about, or speak with a counsellor.

Different strategies work for different emotions and everyone’s different. Practice helpful strategies during the good times, so you can ride out the hard emotions when things get tough.

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