Staying Safe
Usage Tips

Worried about a mate?

Find out more about how to spot the signs.

Staying Safe
Staying Safe

Worried about a mate?

People use alcohol and drugs for lots of reasons. 

Most people won’t develop an addiction or experience serious harm, but for some it can impact on health, relationships, work or finances. 

Know the signs so you can support your mate if they need help.

When should I be worried?

Have they told you they’ve been drinking or using drugs more, or are friends or family worried.

Are they:
  • late to work or missing work?
  • late or not turning up when you go out?
  • not responding to messages?
  • always asking to lend money?
  • having relationship or family issues?
Drugs or alcohol:
  • drinking or using drugs more, or needing more to get the same effect?
  • using drugs or alcohol to manage withdrawal symptoms?

Help is available

You don’t need to have an addiction to seek help. 

If you have any concerns about yourself or a mate, there are confidential services you can talk to