A synthetic chemical. Most common form is drops of LSD solution dried onto gelatine sheets, pieces of blotting paper or sugar cubes. Also comes in liquid, tablet or capsules. Effects felt between 30 mins and 2 hours. Is not linked to physical addiction. LSD is usually dissolved under the tongue, but it can also be sniffed, injected or smoked.

This is a guide only – know more, be safer.

Effects on the Brain

How LSD makes you feel

The trip can be affected by how you feel before you use LSD, the surroundings you are in and who you are with. You may feel euphoria, amazed, be confused, have trouble concentrating, or be scared, anxious and paranoid. 

Effects on the Body

What LSD does to your body

Depends on your size/weight and health, if you’re used to taking it, if other drugs are taken around the same time, amount taken, and drug strength. You might experience hallucinations, dilated pupils, headaches, nausea, breathing quickly, fast/irregular heartbeat, increased body temp, vomiting, facial flushes and chills. 

Drug Duration Calculator
Staying Safe

How long does LSD last?

Effects last
Up to 12 hours
Stays in your system for
In system
Saliva test: not detectable by saliva test. Urine test: Up to 3 days
No longer detectable in your system
+3 days

Depends on:

Depends on:

  • Your Size/Weight
  • Tolerance to the drug
  • Drug Strength
  • Type of test. These time frames are based on saliva and urine drug tests. Testing equipment can vary - this is a guide only.

How do you stay below 0.05? (This is a guide only)

Men average size: No more than 2 standard drinks in the first hour and 1 drink per hour after that.

Women average size: No more than 1 standard drink per hour.

Mixing Substances

Risks of mixing LSD with other substances

Mixing LSD with other drugs can have unpredictable effects and increase the risk of harm.

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Lower Risk Substances

Moderate risk icon

Moderate Risk Substances

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High Risk Substances

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Potential Side Effects

When you take too much LSD



Increased risk taking


Staying Safe

Risks when taking the substance

  • Being less aware of danger
  • Unpredictable behaviours like running through traffic or hurting yourself
  • Can cause a bad trip involving disturbing hallucinations – these trips can be scary and can lead to the person panicking Flashbacks – weeks, months or even years later.
Staying Safe

Harm reduction

  • Avoid using alone
  • Use with people you trust and in a safe place
  • Avoid using if you feel stressed, anxious/nervous
  • Always start small and researchfind safe dose
  • Wait two hours or so to see effects
  • Stay hydrated and have snacks available
  • Don’t use if you have a history of psychosis/delusions/schizophrenia
  • Know how long LSD stays in your system so you’ll know when it’s safer to drive, be on site or work machinery.